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I was lucky enough to come across the inspiredfactoring website.

It explained the benefits of invoice discounting and, after completing a short questionnaire, I was put in touch with three trusted finance companies who were able to help us out.

Velma, June 2015

What is invoice discounting?


Raise an invoice



Get up to 100% of your unpaid invoices



Receive the balance when the invoice is paid

Benefits of invoice discounting

Boost your cashflow. Maintain control of your sales ledger.
Save time. Enabling you to be proactive, not reactive.
Protection. Against late or non-payment of invoices.

Did You Know?


100,000 British firms are owed £16bn they may never recoup*



More than one in 10 medium-sized firms are owed money*



Bad debts are leaving SME's out of pocket

*Statistics from the R3, the trade body for insolvency

Our suppliers will…

Chase unpaid invoices
Act as your credit control
Protect you against bad debt

Typically you’ll receive an advance within 24 hours

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