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The rise in the number of companies seeking to factor invoices over the last few years is an awakening call to companies.  Over the last few years companies struggled to have banks lend them money over unpaid invoices.  Even if they did, the process was long and quite tedious and by the time the money came in, customers would have moved to the next competitor.  Factoring brought in a totally new perspective and business owners do not have to contend with issues of insolvency or bad debts as they used to several years back.  There is a lot of reprieve that business owners are able to enjoy.


We can say that factoring is a better business arrangement.  It allows companies to continue doing their business without ever worrying about going into unnecessary debt.  It is upon the factoring company to follow up on the invoices and ensure that such is paid on the agreed time.  Before you hire a factor company, it is prudent that you understand in detail how the system works.  There are many companies offering the same services all around you so it is important to compare available charges and costs before hiring a company in question.


Such a company will first of all do a background check.  If you know that you have issues that are wanting, please put your house in order before you go ahead to factor invoices.  The whole process does not take along while as you may think, the process only takes a day or two and if everything is in order, you will have 80% – 90% of the amount required in your account.  But there is a charge lest you forget; there is a fee which normally differs from company to company.  As they receive the money, they minus the factoring charges of fees as per the agreement.


Factoring is a legal process and as a business owner you must be ready to meet your part of the bargain.  The factoring company will also review the invoices in question to avoid losing it totally on some very difficult customers who never pay.   In fact each time, you sign a contract with them they are taking a risk on your behalf but for a fee.  These are a trained team on debt collection which also rates each invoice that is provided to them.  There is a lot of work that is undertaken by the factoring company to ensure that your customers make the payments in an agreed time.



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