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What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance is composed of Invoice factoring and Invoice Discounting. Both are financial solutions where a finance provider lends you money against your unpaid invoices at an agreed percentage of their total value. Then when your clients settle their invoices, the funds are paid back to the finance provider.

How does it work?

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    We compare the market and send you best Finance deals that match your needs, free of charge
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What to choose?

Invoice Factoring

The provider manages your sales ledger on your behalf

Non-confidential: the customer settles their invoice directly with the third party

More suited for small companies with limited human resources

Invoice Discounting

You maintain complete control of your own sales ledger

Confidential: the customer pays you directly and is unaware of the arrangement

More suited for large companies with developed human resources

We’re experts in comparing the market

Over 25,000 UK businesses helped to find the best deal

We research and compare the entire market

Our unbiased specialists work closely with only the leading lenders suppliers


They guided me through the buying process and got me the best offer

Friendly staff, knowledgeable about the finance options space. Perfect team to speak to when you’re lost and just want the best quotes

Ashley H, Oct 2016

Benefits of Invoice Discounting

Boost your cash flow

Save time to focus on your business

Give you freedom to grow quicker


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    100,000 British firms are owed £16bn*
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    More than 1 in 10 medium-sized firms are owed money
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    Bad debts are leaving SME’s out of pocket

*Statistics from the R3, the trade body for insolvency

Our suppliers will…

Chase unpaid invoices

Act as your credit control

Protect you against bad debt

Typically you’ll receive an advance within 24 hours

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