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The truth that we are dealing with in today’s economy is that in as much as cash flow is the most important factor in any business, there are so many businesses that are struggling with cash flow problems. There are so many businesses that are struggling to meet their day to day obligations simply because they are having debtors that are not paying on time; having debtors that fail to meet their obligations when they are supposed to be quite a challenging situation. This is simply because these debtors are still the business’ customers and they have to be treated right but then again they need to pay the money in time as the business needs the money to continue operating and providing the customers with the products and services that they need.

That being said, how then does a business strike the balance between destroying the relationship with its customers and maintaining a good and steady cash flow? The truth is that one can try and talk to its debtors and try to soften them into paying their debts but sometimes the customers just tend to ignore these pleas. There are actually debtors that usually have the money to pay but they just refuse to pay; it’s not about them not even having the money. It boils down to character. These debtors will usually want to pay when they feel they want to pay and not when they are expected to pay. This can become quit tricky for a business that still needs to finance its day to day operations.

There is however a very good solution for businesses that are looking to solve this problem. Businesses simply need to get Invoice finance. This is a practice that has been brought into the market for the specific purpose of helping those with such kind of debtors to maintain a good cash flow. With Invoice finance, the business will get a factoring company.

Once it issues invoices to its customers, the factoring company will pay it the amount owed in the invoices. The factoring company will then claim its money from the business’ debtors. Basically the business will have all the money owed in it in good time and the debtors will be allowed to pay at a later date. This helps to strike the balance very well as it is a win-win situation for both the business and the debtors. Relationships are maintained and so is a good and steady cash flow.



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